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Empire Athletics is a cheerleading gym in Rangiora, North Canterbury.

Cheerleading is one of the world's fastest growing sports, recently being officially recognized as a sport on 31 May 2013 Annual General Assembly of Sports Accord in St Petersburg.

It is a high energy, well rounded activity. Involving acrobatic stunts, jumps, gymnastic tumbling, and even dance - offering a little bit of everything that other activities solely focus on.

It is a great way to increase fitness, create lifelong friendships, and even helps to increase self-esteem.

No matter your experience, age, body shape, or fitness level - Empire Athletics has a position on the team for you!


There are no pom poms or cheering involved in Competitive Cheerleading. Teams of 8-36 athletes train to perform a fast paced 2.5 minute routine at competitions. These intricately choreographed routines showcase the best of the team's stunt, jump, tumbling and dance abilities.

Learning these skills under the guidance of a qualified coach is a great way to build fitness, in addition to gaining confidence, self-discipline, and lifelong friends.

Participation on a competitive team requires commitment and dedication. Athletes work in 'stunt groups' made of 4 athletes. If one is away, it makes it a challenge to train effectively.

Athletes travel to competitions - most of which are held in the North Island.

It is never too late to get involved in cheerleading! If dance, gymnastics or acrobatics has been something you have always wanted to do, don't feel like you are 'too old' - YOU ARE NEVER TOO OLD!

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If you have always wanted to give cheerleading a go but are not prepared for the full commitment that a competitive team requires - our recreational cheerleading team is for you.

Recreational cheerleading is a great way to keep fit and can be a great pathway into a competitive team should an athlete want to progress further.

Under the guidance of our qualified staff, athletes will learn stunting and tumbling skills.

Recreational teams do not compete at competitions, but they do perform at our end of year showcase. There is also no requirement to purchase uniforms for recreational teams.

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